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photo Grapes Veggies Italian Window Pears Oranges Black Wall Bike Italian Wine and Cheese Roses Covered Bridge ranunculus


  • Dimensions:

    	Medium: 13 wide x 13 tall x 6 deep
    	Large: 15 wide x 15 tall x 7 deep

  • Each photo an original work of art by professional photographer Kathy Hardin.

  • Highest quality 100% cotton canvas with no added chemicals.

  • Our 10 ounce fabric is thick, with a tighter weave than the flimsy 7 ounce fabric that you will find in most canvas bags.

  • The 1 1/2" x 22" web handles allow you to carry our bags comfortably on your shoulder.

  • A recyclable hard plastic bottom helps the bags hold their shape when carrying heavy objects.

  • Seams are reinforced for added strength.

  • Our printing quality is the best, and washes beautifully.

  • Select from 11 unique photographs, captured from around the world.

  • Most popular uses: groceries and shopping bag, craft and knitting projects, toys & books, work supplies, overnight bag, and many more!

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